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Online tartalomvásárlás itthon

  06/11/09 04:19 pm, by , Categories: Média, Szoftver, xbox360, iPhone

Az ezer éve frissített angol nyelvű blogra postoltam most egy online vásárlásról szóló bejegyzést.

Globalization, the internet, outsourcing, trends like these enabled us to work for international companies, allowed us to read sites, magazines, follow blogs like anybody would do in Western Europe. Being the citizen of the European Union, and having access to the same information as anybody else in the EU makes us want to consume the same things.

Our expectation is to watch movies at the same time we read about them on movie blogs, we would like to purchase games that game sites talk about right now, we'd like to download music that shows up on rollingstone.com, NME or Pitchfork reviews, we'd like to IMPULSE BUY online like anybody else with the same taste and budget.

Jó kis panaszkodás, ha érdekel titeket :-)

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